The One Budget Saving Tip Not Recommended For Marquee Weddings

Weddings are expensive, right.  There’s the brides’ dress, the band, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the cake, the catering, the booze, the car from the church to the reception and so on.

If you’re having a wedding in a marquee then you also have the cost of the marquee to add on to your shopping list.

So it’s natural that most folks look to set budgets for each item.  And look to trim costs where they can.  If you’re having a marquee wedding here’s the one area that you absolutely shouldn’t try to save money on:


Seriously, down the years we’ve played in a bunch of marquees.  And a number of times Clients have tried to save themselves a £100 or so by providing power to the marquee via domestic quality lawnmower extension leads.

Yep, that’s all you save.  £100.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

Reason 1 – Safety

Domestic quality extension leads aren’t designed to be all weather.  If it rains then you’re putting people in potential danger.

Reason 2 – The Physics of Electricity

When you draw power via an extension lead the resistance in the lead increases.  To deliver the same level of power at the plug end and overcome that resistance requires more current.

And this increases the resistance in the wire.

This becomes a cycle. And if you’re lucky will result in your fusebox tripping out.  If you’re unlucky it will set your fusebox on fire.  (Seen both occurances.  The second one is not fun for anyone).

True Story: we once played at a 21st birthday party in the Cotswalds where this ‘diy’ kind of setup was being used.  When we were soundchecking the fusebox in the house kept tripping out.  (Turned out that it was the birthday girls and her friends drying their hair that was tipping the fusebox over).  When we played in the evening the hosts had to turn off everything except the fridge and the freezer in their house so that we didn’t trip the fusebox.

Reason 3 – Your Marquee Guys Have 100s of Metres Of The Cable You NeedAnd An Electrician To Install It

The Cables that you need to deliver electricity safely are called IP44 cables.  They are so ubiquitous that you can buy them on Amazon.  Your marquee company will have hundreds of metres of this stuff in their warehouse.

When you are getting quotes for your marquee, make sure you are getting them to include for providing electricity to the marquee. A temporary junction board in the marquee itself is also a good idea.

Your marquee company will probably charge pennies for this if you get it at quote stage – their main profit comes from the marquee hire itself – and they’ll have people to install everything and run it for you.

This is cost effective for your budget – and a million times safer than running lawnmower leads.


Wedding budgets can be scary!  But if you’re having a marquee wedding DON’T try and skimp on £100 or so by providing the power to your marquee yourself.  Let your Marquee Company do it….it will be easier and more importantly much safer.






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