The Barn At Bury Court – The Live Band For Weddings Noise Limiter Exception

If you’ve read the two previous articles we’ve posted about Noise Limiters you’ll know we’re not great fans – our conclusion is that if a live band and live music for your wedding is something that you really really want, then a venue with a Noise Limiter isn’t the ideal wedding venue for you.

If you’ve not read those articles, you’ll find them here:

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On Saturday we had the privilege to play at a great wedding at a wedding venue called The Barn At Bury Court .  But when we arrived at the venue we were deflated to be told by the Conference and Banquetting Manager at The Barn At Bury Court that there was a noise limiter.

However this was one instance where the Noise Limiter didn’t affect the success of the wedding – and that’s for two reasons:

  1. Noise Limiters are usually set to trip at 90 decibels.  At The Barn At Bury Court it’s set to 96 decibels.  That 6 decibels makes a big difference; and
  2. The microphone for the noise limiter is situated at the far end of the barn.  So that allowed us to put out enough volume to keep the wedding guests dancing – but not enough that it tripped the Noise Limiter.

So although we’re still not fans of venues with Noise Limiters, we’re happy to report that The Barn At Bury Court is a notable exception!




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