5 Songs We Guarantee NOT To Play At Your Wedding (Unless You Want To Pay Extra)

The last thing you want the live band at your wedding to do is to serve up a cheese feast to your audience.  As well as our repertoire list of songs we do play at weddings, we also have a list of songs we DON’T play!

Here are 5 Songs that are on the top secret EXCLUDE list for Carte Blanche:

1.  The Birdie Song

Paul’s Note: we actually played this once, but there were extreme extenuating circumstances. It will definitely be a never again experience.

2.  The Lady In Red

As a bass player I kind of like the bass line in the song – but that wouldn’t excuse inflicting this monstrosity on an unsuspecting audience that wanted to celebrate a live wedding.

3.  Macarena

Remember when this seemed kind of cool?  Nope, we don’t either.  Another song on the ‘exclude’ list.

4.  Agadoo

There will be no pushing pineapples, grinding coffee or shaking trees on our watch!

5.  The Ketchup Song

Singing in another language doesn’t disguise the fact that this is another song stuffed to the crust with cheese.  Another big nope!

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